Main Gym Floor

What does P.W. have to offer...
Our main gym floor area offers a wide selection of machines organized by muscle group, a free-weight and bench press area, a dead-lift area for advanced training, and a cardio theatre, all in a convenient open-concept environment.

Planet Workout Gym Floor

Planet Workout Tredmills

Planet Workout Free Weights

Our Philosophy

The rules of the game...
We believe there is no good excuse not to be actively fulfilling your body's full potential. That is why we have made everything about Planet Workout excuse free with affordable and convenient service. We are always open to eliminate time as an excuse. We are conveniently located near highway 403 so distance is not an excuse.

Planet Workout No ExcusesWe have even created a multi-faceted environment with many different machines, classes, and exercise rooms, plus a basketball court so you're never bored. To make working out and maintaining good health as easy and enjoyable as possible, that is our philosophy.

Fresh News

What's going on at P.W...

Membership Specials: Check out the Specials page for great rates on student and month-to-month memberships. 


What are P.W. members saying...

“ With my up and down work schedule, P.W. was the only gym that could offer me their service at whatever crazy time of day I could come. It's the place I come to unwind after my shift work and I get the place to myself!"

- John

“ I've been coming to Planet Workout for about 4 years now. It's like my home away from home. I drop off my two year-old daughter in the daycare and workout for a good few hours, doing cardio, classes... all the members and staff are my friends"

- Amanda
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Looking to become a member? Call Justin 647-529-2495 for weekly specials!
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